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Our Generation’s Voice in Writing

Ralph Waldo Emerson. Herman Melville. Edgar Allan Poe. These are all renowned American writers from the previous century. While they have not been overshadowed by the up and coming writers of today, these new writers are certainly giving the veterans a run for their money. Writers of our time include F. Scott Fitzgerald, T.S Eliot, … Continue reading

Talking Films Dominate the Entertainment World

1929 Ashley Smith We thought that broadcast radio was as good as it gets in terms of entertainment– did we ever underestimate US technology! It is evident now that motion pictures have taken over as the #1 form of entertainment: currently, about 90 million people visit the movie theater each week compared to 50 million … Continue reading

Everyone Is Listening: Today’s Newest Technology

November 1922 By Phil Arnold We have all heard about it. Most of us have probably even heard it first-hand in the past month. What has everyone been talking about? Radio broadcasting! Radio broadcasting is not a completely new invention: there have been amateurs broadcasting in the past several years starting around 1913. However, there … Continue reading

NY to Paris: Prize-Winning US Pilot Goes the Distance!

May 22, 1927 by Amanda Stanley It all started eight years ago in 1919. Raymond Orteig decided to start a contest with a prize of $25,000 for the first person who could fly nonstop from New York to Paris, France. Orteig gave the contest five years, but no one accomplished the task in that time. … Continue reading

Budget Cars and More Jobs: Too Good to Be True?

Jim Smith, 1926 Since 1908 Henry Ford has been producing cars in the US. We have seen the high-quality vehicles his company has produced, but much of the general public has still been unable to afford them. Cars are expensive machines, and most workers don’t have the money to spend on one. Luckily for middle … Continue reading