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Budget Cars and More Jobs: Too Good to Be True?

Jim Smith, 1926

Since 1908 Henry Ford has been producing cars in the US. We have seen the high-quality vehicles his company has produced, but much of the general public has still been unable to afford them. Cars are expensive machines, and most workers don’t have the money to spend on one. Luckily for middle to lower class citizens, Ford has been working on a solution: an affordable car for the general public, and more jobs being created at the Ford company.

1910 Model T Ford, SLC, UT

Ford Model T Car. Image via Wikipedia

Ford’s goal since 1907 has been to design a “motor car for the great multitude” (“Ford”, par 1).

He knew that his cars were still too expensive for most people, so he looked for a way to cut down the costs of making the cars so that he could make the price lower for the buyer. Just sixteen years ago in 1910, the price of the Ford car was $900! (Carney, par 3). Ford decided that the best way to cut down the costs of making the cars was to make every car part the same. This way, the cars would all use the same exact parts. A month ago, Ford brought out his new invention of the assembly line. The assembly line is when each worker learns about one small job in making the car, and does that same job over and over all day. This makes the work go faster and each person knows a lot about their one job.

The reason this is changing our society today is that now since the assembly line has a lot of small jobs, people who don’t have that many skills can work these jobs now. This is creating more jobs for more people. The assembly line is changing the way we live because it is making cars affordable for the general public, and then our old “cars” (horses and carriages) are now cheaper for low class people. Now everyone can afford transportation. So, Ford is making cheaper cars, employing more people, and making transportation affordable for almost all of the United States of America.

Ford assembly line, 1913.

Ford Assembly Line. Image via Wikipedia


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2. “Ford Installs First Moving Assembly Line.” 1998. Public Broadcasting Service.




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