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Everyone Is Listening: Today’s Newest Technology

November 1922

By Phil Arnold

We have all heard about it. Most of us have probably even heard it first-hand in the past month. What has everyone been talking about? Radio broadcasting!

Radio broadcasting is not a completely new invention: there have been amateurs broadcasting in the past several years starting around 1913. However, there has been a desire to bring the beauty of music into the homes of all people; a desire to make the radio accessible and affordable for everyone.

Grebe CR-12 Radio, 1920s

Image by euthman via Flickr.

As we all know, when the US government declared war on Germany the government shut down the amateur radio stations because the military was short on operators, and they wanted these people to go as operators in the military. Once the ban was lifted three years ago, these operators could finally get back to what they do best– broadcasting the radio for all of us listeners!

The radio has really been booming in the past year, and it has really positively affected our society. It has created jobs in many different areas: operators for the radio stations, people to make the radios, etc. The company Westinghouse has really been a big backer of the radio industry. They were the ones who came up with the creative idea for commercial radio broadcasting in 1920. This has stimulated the economy because businesses now have a new form of advertising where they can make commercials to be aired on the radio broadcast. After the most recent election votes were broadcast on the radio, the idea of radio broadcasting really became more popular. Society is beginning to notice the benefits to having a feature like broadcasting around. Information is passed much more quickly through a system like this.

By this time next year, it is predicted that about 3 million Americans will own their own radios! The entertainment business is soaring because of all of the new things you can do by broadcasting on the radio. The written word is even being transformed into radio broadcasts–newspapers are now often paying radio companies to read their newspapers on the air.

Radio broadcasting doesn’t seem like it is a trend that is going to go away; it appears to be a new permanent fixture in our ever-improving society! So tune in to all the new and fun radio broadcasts that are sure to be coming your way, right from the comfort of your living room!


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